Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colleyville, Texas Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyers | Speeding Ticket Attorneys

Colleyville Speeding Ticket Lawyer lifts Traffic Warrants

Do you need a speeding ticket attorney in Colleyville, Texas? Did you receive a speeding citation or any type of traffic violation in Texas? Traffic ticket attorney Jack Byno can help you with any ticket you might have received! Contact Jack Byno, Speeding Ticket Lawyer for more information on how he can help you! Call 817-685-0912!

Options If You Have a Traffic Warrant in Colleyville

Many people fail to pay traffic Colleyville citations because they do not know their options. Many assume the only option is to plead guilty and pay. Some will attempt to avoid paying the fines indefinitely and try to avoid arrest. But the same officials also warn that if arrested during the statewide warrant roundup, offenders usually only have two options - pay the fine or go to jail. Law enforcement officials urge people with warrants to take care of the situation proactively, citing the opportunity to negotiate and deal with prosecutors. Know all of your options by calling traffic ticket attorney Jack Byno at 817-685-0912.

Colleyville CDL Defense Attorney Since 1994

I have been representing professional drivers in Colleyville since the 1990s with a lot of of success. In some courts I can plea the case  to a minor violation with less or no points. In courts of non-record, I can appeal the violation to a higher court and often work out a deal to keep the ticket from appearing on a driving record. However, there are always some courts that have no sympathy that a CDL holder's job is on the line. In those courts it may be best that you retain my services for a trial in the municipal court. To determine what option is best for you contact me now at 817-685-0912.

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