Friday, March 22, 2013

Westworth Village Traffic Warrant Roundup Attorney | Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding Tickets Defended By Attorney In Westworth Village Traffic Court

If you have received a speeding ticket in Westworth Village, Texas or anywhere else in the County, you need an experienced traffic ticket attorney. I have been representing clients in the North Texas Municipal Courts since 1994. Every traffic court in the State is different and I have represented clients in all of them. The attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates defends speeding tickets on a daily basis in Dallas - Fort Worth area. If you hire us, we will go to court on your behalf and workout the best deal we can. In most cases, we can keep the speeding citation off of your driving record and when necessary you can retian us for a trial. Contact the speeding defense attorneys of our law firm at 817-685-0912.

Do You Have a Traffic Warrant in WestworthVillage?

Most traffic tickets in Westworth Village, Texas are Class "C" misdemeanors. Don't make the mistake as so many do and just pay the ticket that is is warrant. Yes, paying it will clear the warrant, but by pleading guilty and paying the traffic fine, that citation is now put on your driving record for up to 36 months. Too many convictions can result in the suspension of your Texas drivers license. Call Jack Byno, Attorney at Law at 817-685-0912.

Speeding In A School Zone in Westworth Village, Texas Defense Attorney

Speeding is taken seriously in areas where children are present in Westworth Village, Texas. Additionally, if you are a CDL holder who has been ticketed for speeding in a school zone, your job could be at risk. Jack Byno, Attorney at Law can help protect your license and minimize other effects of the charge. Call the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates today at 817-685-0912.

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