Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sansom Park Warrants Lifted By Attorney | Speeding Tickets Lawyer

Handle Your Sansom Park Speeding Ticket Today!

If you are facing any sort of traffic violation, including a speeding ticket, in Sansom Park, Texas, it is important to pay careful attention to court dates and contact an experienced attorney in your area for help. While a traffic ticket may seem like an inconvenience, ignoring the ticket can only lead to bigger problems later on, such as, driver's license suspension. Unfortunately, many people tend to ignore the citation and hope it will go away on its own. The reality is that a warrant can and will be issued if you fail to take care of the ticket, even for minor offenses and small fines. Depending on the type of warrant, you may have an opportunity to appear in court and fight the charges or pay the fine without the embarrassment of an arrest. For more information about handling your traffic ticket contact the Law Office of Jack Byno at 817-685-0912.

Types of Sansom Park Traffic Ticket Warrants

There are two common types of warrants issued in Sansom Park traffic cases. An alias warrant is what the court will issue when a person fails to respond or show up for a hearing on the traffic citation. For those with an alias warrant out for their arrest, there is still an opportunity to appear in court. An attorney can help post your bond and give you a chance to fight the charges. A capias warrant, on the other hand, is issued when you do not comply with the orders of the court. For this type of warrant, there are basically only two options - you can pay the fine or go to jail. If you want to fight your traffic ticket call an attorney at 817-685-0912.

Attorney Makes CDL Defense In Sansom Park A Priority

I only represent clients with cases involving driving records and other Class C Misdemeanors in Sansom Park and elsewhere. Other attorneys dabble in traffic tickets, amongst other things, but it is what I do by choice. A large portion of my traffic ticket defense practice is devoted to helping CDL holders keep their driving records clean. No attorney can guarantee the outcome of a case, but with Jack Byno & Associates you will have our full attention. Contact the CDL defense attorneys that understand what is at stake for you at 817-685-0912.

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