Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Everman, Tx Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyers | Speeding Ticket Attorneys

Attorney Defends Speeding Citations in Everman

Jack Byno, Everman, Texas traffic traffic ticket defense attorney, has represented thousands of clients over the years with speeding tickets and other Class C Misdemeanors in the municipal courts of the greater Dallas - Fort Worth area. Speeding tickets are the hardest of the traffic violations to beat because unlike most other charges it it not based solely on human observation. It is based partly on science. in most situations, a peace office is stationed at a particular location. He visually observes a motor vehicle driving faster than he knows the speed limit to be. He then uses his radar or laser device and clocks the speed of the vehicle. The machine may be wrong if it is not working correctly, but it is not biased. Contact me to learn more about fighting your speeding citation at 817-685-0912.

Everman, Texas Participates In The Statewide Warrant Roundup

Do not think that you can just put your Everman warrants off until you get around to it. The City actively pursues its traffic warrants and participates in the statewide warrant roundup. Thousands of Dallas - Fort Worth area residents find out every year that they have made a big mistake when the police come knocking on their doors, show up at their jobs, or arrest them at a normal traffic stop. Save yourself the trouble of being arrested and contact me today to lift your traffic warrants.

Do You Need A Traffic Ticket Attorney For A Speeding Trial?

Just because speeding tickets are difficult to beat does not mean it is impossible or that it cannot be kept off of your driving record. If you retain Jack Byno & Associates to go to trial we will do the best we can for you, but at the end of the day, there are no promises or guarantees to the outcome of a case. That is why most of our clients with speeding citations choose to have us seek a deferred adjudication (probation) on their behalf. Assuming the client qualifies for probation and successfully completes all the terms and conditions set by the court, it will result in a dismissal or the charge. Contact us at 817-685-0912 to determine what option is best for you.

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