Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colleyville, Tx Traffic Warrant Roundup Attorneys | Speeding Ticket Lawyers

Pulled Over For Speeding in Colleyville?

While driving in Colleyville, Texas, did you hear a siren? You looked in your rear view mirror, only to find a police officer? Well, it is not an uncommon occurrence. After pulling you over, the officer probably asked for your driver's license and proof of financial responsibility (insurance). After looking at those documents, he most likely explained that he pulled you over for a traffic violation, such as, speeding. Now what do you do? Do you pay the ticket? Do you take a defensive driving class? Do you take the ticket to trial? You have these options and more. Contact the Attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates to learn more about what you can do at 817-685-0912.

Types of Colleyville Traffic Ticket Warrants

There are two common types of warrants issued in Colleyville traffic cases. An alias warrant is what the court will issue when a person fails to respond or show up for a hearing on the traffic citation. For those with an alias warrant out for their arrest, there is still an opportunity to appear in court. An attorney can help post your bond and give you a chance to fight the charges. A capias warrant, on the other hand, is issued when you do not comply with the orders of the court. For this type of warrant, there are basically only two options - you can pay the fine or go to jail. If you want to fight your traffic ticket call an attorney at 817-685-0912.

Colleyville CDL Violation Defense Attorney

Do you need a professional defense attorney for a CDL violation in the Colleyville Municipal Court? I represent truck drivers across the greater Dallas - Fort Worth area. Dallas County lawyers refer me CDL cases in Tarrant County and Fort Worth attorneys send me their trucking violations in Dallas County. Why do they do this? One answer may be that I handle the entire metroplex, but another reason is because cases involving commercial drivers licenses are tough and I get results. Call me at 817-685-0912!

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