Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Everman CDL Defense Lawyer

When Written a CDL Violation in Everman, Texas

A common penalty for minor traffic offenses committed, a traffic ticket may be written to any motorist at the discretion of police. Let's say that you have been issued a citation by officers in the Tarrant County City of Everman, Texas. Were you holding your commercial driver's license at the time? If you were, for your career as a professional CDL driver, your Everman CDL violation may be cause for concern. This is because your clean record may be negatively impacted by your charges, and your livelihood thus jeopardized. Lest this happen, you may want to consider challenging your Everman CDL violation in court, as opposed to pleading guilty to it. Jack Byno & Associates, a CDL defense law firm with over 20 years of experience in Tarrant County, Texas, may assist you in doing so. Please contact me to find out more, or call us at 817-685-0912.

Lawyer Lifts Everman Warrants on Behalf of CDL Drivers

It is a serious thing to be written a traffic ticket in Tarrant County, Texas, no matter what class driver's license one happens to hold. But in the case that you allow your Everman CDL or trucking violation to go past due, your situation may soon become even more serious than it already is. The city's Municipal Court may find cause to issue you a traffic warrant, as a penalty for your past-due charges. A traffic warrant is a warrant for your arrest, and must be lifted in order that your arrest may be avoided. The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be hired to assist you in getting your warrant lifted, and may also post bond for you. Please contact me to find out more, or call our office today at 817-685-0912.

Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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