Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fort Worth Warrant Roundup Lawyer

Avoid Arrest During Fort Worth Warrant Roundup

Running a red light, speeding, failing to use a turn signal, and driving with expired tags are all reasons that one may be written a traffic ticket at the discretion of law enforcement in Fort Worth, Texas. No matter why you have been issued a traffic ticket in Fort Worth, it is your responsibility to respond to your charges by their specified due date. If you fail to do so, there is a good chance that the Fort Worth Municipal Court will take notice and issue you a traffic warrant. Please be advised that your traffic warrant is a warrant for your arrest, and has the potential to result in your arrest during the Fort Worth Warrant Roundup unless lifted. Please contact me to learn more, or call 817-685-0912.

Let a Lawyer Help You During the Fort Worth Warrant Roundup

Are you unfamiliar with the annual Fort Worth Warrant Roundup? If so, it may be concerning news to you if you have an active traffic warrant out for you in the city now. If you do, there is a good chance that you may be arrested during this police operation, which sees officers stepping up searches for motorists who have such active warrants. There is fortunately a course of action that you may take in order to steer clear of arrest during Warrant Roundup season, and this is taking legal steps to ensure that your active traffic warrant is lifted. If you seek professional legal counsel in lifting your warrant, look no further for that help than Jack Byno & Associates. If you are qualified, our attorneys may post bond for you and lift your outstanding traffic warrant for you. Call us at 817-685-0912, or contact me online.

Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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